RTE virtue signalling about Mother & Baby homes whilst ignoring their role in the abortion of 16,000+ babies is disgusting

You may have witnessed RTE and their constant highlighting of the Mother and Baby homes over the last few weeks. This is not accidental. It is part of their virtue signalling agenda to distract their audience away from the fact that an estimated 16,110 abortions have taken place in Ireland since the REPEAL campaign which RTE actively supported and promoted.

This month we have RTE launch a “truth matters” advertising campaign about how RTE are concerned about truth an d how thet exposed the mother and baby homes story. We have RTE’s Miriam O’Callaghan talking about the homes. Later this week we will have an RTE broadcast with Catherine Corless talking about the homes.

The list is literally endless. Wonder will RTE ever highlight the shocking cervical cancer scandal causing many deaths of women or why is RTE not telling their TV license paying audience about the 16,110 deaths of unborn babies since they campaigned to remove their right to life?

The timing coincides with the abortion referendum anniversary. RTE have been busy virtue signalling, celebrating Abortion with nearly every programme celebrating 🥳 brave abortion activists whilst pointing the finger at mother and baby homes. 

It disgusts me that we pro-lifers are forced to pay for this blatant propaganda and that RTE are using the victims of Mother & Baby homes in their propaganda campaign.